Wharton MBA: My First Experiences

Humbling Days!!!

One word to describe the experience after spending the first few in Wharton is “Humbling”

  • The classmates are very smart, hardworking, competitive and FUN!
  • Professors and the academic staff is what makes this a top Ivy league school
  • Support staff – cant say enough about what they did to accommodate us!

OH! did I mention we got a welcome gift from the school – a new iPad

Wharton’s pre-admission conversations, email and all marketing always said that this was not a watered down experience …. well, I now know what they meant.

I can already see that homework is going to be a lot, but I will learn a lot and I am so looking forward to the next few years.

Grade Non-Disclosure Policy & the concept of LT’s

So I knew about grade non-disclosure policy but was introduced to the concept of LTs.  So this is how it works:

Student is graded A through D with +/- distinctions and F (which is quite common in many schools) but there is a concept of LT: Lowest 10% of each class; not noted on transcript – so basically you could do quite well in the exam and get descent score on the test but not only is the glade on a curve, you might be Lowest 10% of the class.

There is Probation & Dismissal based on accumulation of LT designations.

Dismissal: 5.0 or more credit units of LT in the first year and 8.0 or more cumulatively!

Anyway back to some accounting homework – I am loving this new life style!!!!

Wharton MBA Application Submitted & GMAT Done

Tomorrow is the deadline for completed application and all credentials reaching Wharton admissions office including my GMAT score – I gave my GMAT day before yesterday and have emailed my unofficial GMAT score … that was CLOSE!!!

  • Full time job + some travel
  • Family – wife with two young kids
  • MBA Prep
    • MBA reception events of Wharton, Columbia, NYU, Duke, and Georgetown
    • Working on essays for MBA applications
    • Preparing for GMAT

Yes, you read that right, I have been thinking and talking about MBA for a long time, well I am doing something about it and starting a new blog just as I was preparing to submit my application for MBA was probably not the best timing, but it is what it is.  I will not post frequently, but will try my best to share my experiences and timeline for the application.

After attending the reception events for Wharton, Columbia, NYU, Duke, and Georgetown which included talking to some professors and follow up chats with current and past students, though I like all these schools but I think Wharton best fits my needs:

  1. Its not watered down – every student I spoke to talked about how demanding the program was and how much they got out of it.  Love the challenge!
  2. It has the best selection of classes for students –  a strong core curriculum with a wide selection of electives

Last few months have been about these things:

  1. GMAT – given the Indian background and work experience in technology and management, I think 700 is the least I should get to have a reasonable chance at Wharton.
  2. Essays – Though my target school is Wharton, I am preparing application for other schools as well.  Their essay requirements are similar but not the same, which means I am writing over 10 essays. PAINFUL!
  3. Transcripts – Getting friends in India visit my undergrad school to make sure that the transcripts are sent to the different schools in time
  4. Formalizing corporate sponsorship – time and money
  5. Lining up recommendation
  6. Prep for possible interviews
  7. Stress about fees and student loans I am walking into

Most of my application for Wharton was completed last week and this week was all about GMAT.  Back in December, I brought used set of manhattanprep from a craiglist seller in Dupont circle for $150.  These books and couple books from the local library were instrumental in the preparation.

Now that the application is submitted and GMAT scores are in – this is the first weekend in the last few months when I dont have a long list of critical things to be completed.

Now lets stress for a month or so about the decision the admissions team will take 🙂

My first blog post – Introductions

As this year starts, so does my first-ever attempt at blogging. So, as I use this new method to communicate ideas and to solicit feedback, my first blog is more of an introduction, but on regular basis, I will be blogging about things related to technology, management practices, research and at times posing questions to the readers for input.


Currently I am working in Thomson Reuters as a Director and am also an aspiring MBA student – preparing for my GMAT and looking at B-school applications. I will use this as a medium to share thoughts around various subjects I have been reading about, my B-school experience, and give you insights to my thoughts/opinions which should be fun 🙂

Did I start by saying “I use this new method to communicate ideas” I know, you all are thinking “Parvez, welcome to 2000” – Well, blame it on work schedule or being part of a family with wife kids. In my free time (when I am not trying or reading about strategy or technology), I enjoy cooking and playing Golf. Working on innovative ideas, and applying technology to simplify things is my passion, but I also enjoy core strategy and finance work.

Thank you for reading my first blog – If you have some interesting topics you would like me to cover, or have general feedback, please share them in the comments.