Wharton MBA: My First Experiences

Humbling Days!!!

One word to describe the experience after spending the first few in Wharton is “Humbling”

  • The classmates are very smart, hardworking, competitive and FUN!
  • Professors and the academic staff is what makes this a top Ivy league school
  • Support staff – cant say enough about what they did to accommodate us!

OH! did I mention we got a welcome gift from the school – a new iPad

Wharton’s pre-admission conversations, email and all marketing always said that this was not a watered down experience …. well, I now know what they meant.

I can already see that homework is going to be a lot, but I will learn a lot and I am so looking forward to the next few years.

Grade Non-Disclosure Policy & the concept of LT’s

So I knew about grade non-disclosure policy but was introduced to the concept of LTs.  So this is how it works:

Student is graded A through D with +/- distinctions and F (which is quite common in many schools) but there is a concept of LT: Lowest 10% of each class; not noted on transcript – so basically you could do quite well in the exam and get descent score on the test but not only is the glade on a curve, you might be Lowest 10% of the class.

There is Probation & Dismissal based on accumulation of LT designations.

Dismissal: 5.0 or more credit units of LT in the first year and 8.0 or more cumulatively!

Anyway back to some accounting homework – I am loving this new life style!!!!